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THE BENEFITS OF DISTANCE LEARNING Distance Learning or 'Home Study' has come a long way since Isaac Pitman taught shorthand via correspondence courses in the 1840s. However the huge benefits of studying from home, or from the workplace, remain the same. First of all, with a Distance Learning course you enjoy the freedom of being able to study in your own time and at your own pace. That's because Distance Learning courses are carefully designed to fit in with your life.

Whether you wish to improve your life, increase your job prospects or simply study a hobby that you are interested in, more and more people are choosing to study from home as it fits in comfortably with their lifestyle. There are many fully-accredited Distance Learning providers in the UK today (type 'distance learning' 'home study' or 'distance education' into Google.co.uk and you'll find most of them), offering a huge range of interesting, educational courses available for study. Distance Education courses available for home study can include anything from Airline Training to Art Studies, GCSE to A Level, Book-keeping to Business & Management, Counseling to Child Care and Writing to Web Design. You will find courses on things like Wedding Planning and Event Management, Nail Technician, Animal Care and Behaviour.

even courses such as Diet & Exercise, Forensic Science and How to Start Your Own Business. On some vocational courses you may even qualify for a career Development Loan from the government. But you are not alone when you study from home.

Distance Learning providers (or Home Learning agencies as they are sometimes called) employ professional student advisors and fully qualified tutors to mark and help you with your coursework. Most Home Study courses provide learners with an accredited diploma which helps them increase their job prospects, change their lifestyle or even start their own business. Many Distance Learning providers offer interest free credit schemes to help students spread the cost over a period they can afford.

Also look out for special discount offers. In my experience students who gain extra qualifications can earn on average an extra 30% and it proves to employers that they are willing to work hard and make a better future for themselves. In the UK we have found that career changers have been very successful especially when they have retrained in sujects such as web design and bookkeeping. These are very popular as on completion you can work at home and give up the day to day drudgery of going to the office. The author of this article set up his own training company 7 years ago and has never looked back even though it is hard work. So by taking a distance learning course you could gain the skills to either work for yourself or obtain better employment.

Looking for a better job, a better future, a better life? Then take up a Distance Learning course today and change your life forever! Copyright (c) 2008 Shaun Bird.

Shaun L Bird is the owner of UK Open Learning a leading UK Distance Learning provider we provide expert help and advice in choosing the right courses for your career improvement. http://www.uk-open-learning.com

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