The Demise of Classical Education and Where We Are Now

There is a serious problem with the minds of young people today, and the demise of classical education is a direct cause. When classical education dies, so too do the ideas, visions, and values of classical Greece and Rome die with it. These ideas and values were what helped create Western civilization. Universities have just started scrutinizing these very ideas, ironically enough.

Few Americans know that the origins of the West were in ancient Greece. Our citizens are sadly moving further and further away from the vital philosophical and ethical theories that are so necessary; especially if we want to understand and maintain the freedoms that we enjoy. Our nation was built on the foundation of Greek wisdom, and it's important for us to remember that. Our very government was founded on Greek philosophies: Individual rights, a constitutional government, an open economy, open dissent, free scientific inquiry, civilian control over the military, separation of religion and government, and private property. Our ever-changing culture needs these things now more than ever.

We should also bear in mind that the Greeks insisted on monitoring and tempering these freedoms with philanthropy, civic responsibility, and an absolute world view. The Greeks did not believe that life was rosy; instead, they saw it as momentary and tragic. Concepts like this along with self-criticism kept things in check. The demise of classical education erases a complete way of looking at the world. Instead, the new lenses in which to look at the world consist of therapeutics, moral relativism, blind allegiance, and the adoration of material culture. The Greeks gave us the means to change the physical and spiritual universe, either for good or ill.

They also provided the means for us to control our most animalistic instincts in order to give toward the common good. We can only fight the demise of classical education, or hope that when classics fall, the educational Dark Age will bring our children into a New Greek era. If we don't want our children to be a part of this overwhelming darkness, we need to find a way to teach our children how to think for themselves and how to be thankful to the Greeks for what they modeled for our nation.

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The Demise of Classical Education and Where We Are Now - There is a serious problem with the minds of young people today, and the demise of classical education is a direct cause.

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