Great Spring Gift Ideas

If you're shopping around for the perfect gift for a spring birthday, Mother's Day, or any other occasion, look no further. Here are some great gift ideas for anyone on your list. If your friend is a gardener, there is no end to the wonderful gifts you can find. Consider a set of garden tools, a garden lantern, or even a tote bag filled with goodies for caring for potted plants. Does the person you're shopping for love to entertain outside? Why not buy some citronella incense he or she can use to keep the bugs at bay? Or buy them a set of high-quality grill tools. If picnicking is more the recipient's style, a mini picnic set that holds cutlery, placemats, napkins and more in a tiny portable package is a wonderful choice.

For Mother's Day or other holidays involving Mom, there are all sorts of choices, from glass sculptures to musical books and flowers. If Mom (or anyone else on your list) is into arts and crafts of do-it-yourself projects, buy them a tool kit designed for the projects they do. You can even find tiny tools on key rings so they can fix little problems wherever they are.

Or choose a larger but still portable too kit that provides pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers and ratchets of multiple sizes all in case small enough to fit in Mom's purse or Dad's glove box. Home décor items, potpourri, scented candles, lotions, balms and soaps are all good options no matter the recipient (as long as they don't think you're trying to tell them something by buying them soap). Anyone would love something pampering for their birthday or other special event, and bath products are always in season. In the spring there are a lot of great, fresh fragrances available in various bath and body kits.

A "sugar plum" gift set would be perfect for the little princess in your life, while her mother might want prefer a vanilla milk bath set including bath gel, lotion, salts and a natural sponge or a peppermint foot care kit with pedicure tools and fluffy slippers. Go even further to indulge with a "Gingertherapy" basket, filled with soap, gel, lotion, salts, a sponge and a massage tool. Add some massage oil to give your partner a hint or to offer your best friend a little luxury. Or go whole hog and buy a spa basket including comfy terry slippers, massage tool and pumice stone and nail cleaner.

Through in some nail polish and you've got a day of beauty to go! No matter the season, if you're stumped when it comes to picking out a gift, remember to think about the person you are giving the gift to. Think of his or her interests, what they like to do to relax. If you're still stumped, instead of buying something generic, go with a gift certificate. Your recipient will have fun picking out something special and they'll still love you for being thoughtful enough to remember their special day.

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