Much Ado About Something Special Occasions Get A Professional Makeover

Parties are no doubt a big business in Hollywood. And, we've all seen the great lengths that some celebrities take when throwing a bash for a few hundred of their closest friends. The event is elegant, elaborate, and perhaps "eccentric" down to the very last detail. And, it smacks of attention to detail and perfection. It's no wonder many of us are left "oohing" and "aaahing" and all the things perhaps we had thought of. Still, some would argue that even if most of us "did," think of these things, they are simply financially out of our reach, at least without putting ourselves in major debt.

And, we tend to think of such events as "out of our league". Plus, many would be inclined to label the extravagance as "un-necessary" (for a good time) and a bit extreme. However, very few of us can "argue" it's appeal and perhaps if we tapped into our inner "perfectionist" or "extremist" we'd see that there's nothing wrong (if you can) to putting 100% into your events and most of us likely would, if we could. From birthdays, to weddings, christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, even going-away parties, the one thing these event all have in common is that they mark milestones in our journey through life. With that said, milestones say experts should be appropriately commemorated and that may mean going the extra mile or two.

And, with that realization, more and more celebrations are being custom tailored to the person/people we are gathering to commemorate. From decor to the dining experience, parties are being created based on a meaningful theme that representing something special and significant in our or in the honorees life. And, it's all part of making the guest(s) of honor, their special milestone, and life the honoree(s). And, it makes each event more significant, different, and creatively unique. And, this concept is not exclusive to Hollywood, nor is it anything new.

In fact, back in the 80s and 90s in fact, elaborately themed celebrations were all the rage. Among the most popular were extravagant Sweet 16s and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Parents spent literally thousands upon thousands to carry out a concept including custom made centerpieces that were handcrafted in line with the prevailing motif. I've seen everything from two to three-foot replicas of circus personnel to Styrofoam renditions of Elvis and Marilyn (Monroe) at a 50s themed bash. While some may have considered it excess, it was all about creating unique and unforgettable moments and memories to cherish and treasure for years to come.

And, the attention to detail apparently paid off, since we are still reminiscing about it today. And, according to industry experts, while going to extremes is certainly one way to make sure you make a lasting impression, they suggest that you can still make a big splash on a budget. They simply suggest that you have to tap into your creative juices and know what to look for and what you are doing.

One of the ways to add to the theme, say industry experts, is by enhancing the atmosphere, and ambiance and to literally bring it to life; and that includes hiring professional help to set and create the perfect party mood as YOU define it. In fact, some note that while splurging on food is ALWAYS a good idea, you also don't want to compromise on entertainment. And they add that many underestimate the value of literally showing your guests a good time, whether they get on the dance floor or not.

They add that while some people may attend a party out of "obligation", they will stay because the food is good and they are having a good time. And, admit it we all want our guests to have not only a good time but a GREAT time. After all, for many individuals in the work force, company and family parties are among the "rare" times they can get dressed up and do something "different" and "special". And, it's likely they look forward to the festivities and want to remember them fondly. As the host, it's up to you to make that happen! Professional performers with special talents such as jugglers, magicians and other artistes to actors and impersonators, are according to experts one of the best ways to turn your event into a memorable celebration. And some such as magicians, puppeteers and the like are appropriate for kids parties and/or when kids are around.

Ted Fass runs a special event management and booking agency.

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